Benefits Of Vitamin

Recently, I started taking vitamins in the last few months, and I must say that taking them have been life altering and body changing. If you have never taken a quality vitamin, I would strongly recommend doing so. I initially started with a daily multivitamin from MegaFood and worked my way to Ashwaganha, Flax seed supplements followed by Turmeric, and Keto pills. It wasn’t until I injured my hamstring, knee joint, and connective tissues back in October of 2019 that I learned the power of vitamins and their medicinal properties. In the first few days I could feel a significant difference in my body’s functionality. It wasn’t just that I had more energy. I was also using the bathroom regularly after each meal, sleeping better, and the best part is that the inflammation in my hamstring had reduce about 60%from day one by day five. This article will describe the benefits of adding vitamins to your daily routine and how by doing so can change your life. image of vitamins Since I choose not to receive medical attention for my injuries, I had to find other ways to heal my body. I knew I needed anti-inflammatories, stress reducers, collagen builders, and overall immune health supplements to recover, so I built myself a vitamin regimen and got to work. Every morning for 8 weeks I would woke up and digest anywhere from 8-10 supplements twice per day 7 days per week. I would take my multivitamin first followed byAshwagandha. I choose a hair, skin, and nail multi-vitamin because I have natural hair and I am growing it out. The mega food vitamin that I chose also contains ashwagandha so that I could receive double anti inflammatory doses. I took a liking to this micro-nutrient due to its anti-aging properties when it comes to the development of both kidneys, and urinary tract health. One main ingredient found in the multivitamin is horsetail leaf which has phenomenal benefits because it helps reduces inflammation, build up calcium in bone formation, and accelerate wound healing.If you don’t already know sometimes our wounds can’t been seen with the eye. Another key ingredient is red clover. Red clover is amazing when it comes to women. It helps with cancer, indigestion and blood purification. Anytime you have an internal injury, it is best to keep the blood clean.

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