How to Actually Succeed at Eating Healthy This Year

Our kitchens are stocked with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and tons of kombucha. But now what? We’ve heard that abs are actually made in the kitchen (not from thousands of sit-ups). But seriously, now what? What do we do to actually eat healthier this year? Here are some ideas:

Eat Foods that are Filling

Even when you are eating healthy foods, you may find that by the end of the day you are still hungry, and then you end up eating an entire bag of chips. Don’t worry, we’ve all done this. The problem is the foods we are eating are not filling.

Healthline says that filling foods are high in protein, high in fiber, or high in volume. Chicken or tofu are great high protein options to add to any salad or stir-fry. Oats, pears, and broccoli are just a few examples of high fiber foods that will keep you feeling full longer. Cauliflower rice is a versatile high-volume food that will bulk up your meals without adding many calories. Pick a protein, a high fiber fruit or veggie, and a high-volume food to form a hunger-crushing combo.

Plan Ahead

Whether it was the late-night snacking or the getting fast food for dinner because you didn’t feel like cooking, not planning ahead has likely been your downfall before. This is where our new hero, meal prepping, comes in. Good Housekeeping explains that there are different types of meal prepping: batch cooking, individualized portion meals, and prepped ingredients. You can make big batches of dinners like soups or stews, prepare to-go containers of the same filling meal for a week, or prep some healthy ingredients to make choosing a healthy option easier at dinner time. Take some time to figure out what works best for you.

Don’t forget to meal prep snacks too. Wash some strawberries, blueberries, carrots, and bell peppers, and put them in the fridge in easy-to-grab containers.

Team Up with a Friend

Grab a friend or family member who wants to join this healthy eating journey with you. Together, you will hold each other accountable while also bonding over your new healthy lifestyles. Host a kombucha taste-testing night. Find the best healthy take-out spots near you and then enjoy the food together. Go on walks together while sipping your fruit-infused liter of water. Meal prep together! Come on, doesn’t this actually sound like a lot of fun?

Treat Yourself

Life is about balance. Have a slice of cake on your birthday. Go out to dinner, finish the bread bowl, and order the pasta. Think of it like this: before this successful health journey, do you remember that feeling you got when you ate a salad for lunch? Like suddenly belly fat would just melt right off because you ate some spinach? Of course, that would have been too good to be true. Fortunately, this works in reverse as well. When you occasionally have one piece of cake, you won’t suddenly undo all your amazing progress. Let them eat cake (once in a while).

But if you are feeling great and don’t want to slow your momentum, there is another great way to treat yourself. Book a nail appointment for you and your accountability friend. You’ve earned it!


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