How to Actually Succeed at Eating Healthy This Year

Our kitchens are stocked with fruits, vegetables, nuts, and tons of kombucha. But now what? We’ve heard that abs are actually made in the kitchen (not from thousands of sit-ups). But seriously, now what? What do we do to actually eat healthier this year? Here are some ideas: Eat Foods that are Filling Even when you are …

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Lash Separations

This short video shows the process of  going through the lashes to make sure they are all in good uniform position with respect to being straight, not pointing down, no being scattered, not pointing to the side etc after that, the next step involves replenishing the lashes that have fallen out. if you  like what …

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Benefits Of Vitamin

Recently, I started taking vitamins in the last few months, and I must say that taking them have been life altering and body changing. If you have never taken a quality vitamin, I would strongly recommend doing so. I initially started with a daily multivitamin from MegaFood and worked my way to Ashwaganha, Flax seed …

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