Booking Your Appointment


When booking an appointment with a client will be asked to pay a deposit or the full amount of the service to hold their spa treatment. All deposits must go through our online booking system. The following forms of payment will not be permitted when making a deposit.

Cash, check, venmo, and all other forms of payment will not be accepted as a deposit.

Pre-appointment care

Please refer to each individual service outlined below to receive proper instructions on how to prepare for your treatment.

Eyelash Extensions

 If you are receiving an eyelash service of any kind, rather its extensions, tabs, tinting, or a lift, all Lash and brow related service are required to arrive to their appointment with no mascara, makeup free, no glue or previous lash residue to ensure that the best application is completed. If you do arrive to your appointment outside of our request, we cannotguarantee your application, and in some cases may need reschedule.


All facial clients are asked to come to their appointment with a bare face. Our goal during your session is to treat your skin. The less makeup one wears will result in more time for your treatment.


Clients receiving waxing services on body parts other than the face, should have hair that is at least a quarter of an inch long to ensure that the wax is able to adhere to the hair and be removed from follicle

Nail Care

If you are receiving a nail service it is important to disclose on our online form if you have a previous nail application, so that we are able to schedule the adequate amount of time for your service

Arriving to your appointment


We ask all of our guest to utilize the rest facilities prior to attending their appointment. Stop a service in the middle of the treatment can affect the outcome, due to time management.

Our Spa

When you arrive to our location you will want to walk through the front doors and take an immediate right. Once you are down the hallway, you will see a glass door labeled spa area. We are the first room on the left when you walk through the glass door. Room 8


Pre- Service Photos

In this digital world that we currently live in, it is so important to take photos of your work to spread the word around about what you have to offer. So with you permission we do tend to take before and after photos to illustrated our crafts.

Unforeseen Events

We understand that life happens and sometimes we need to cancel or reschedule at the last minute. We completely understand, however in order to respect everyone’s time and make sure that we are in ordinance we do have both late, reschedule and cancellation policies in order to run a health successful business

Running Late

 No problem, you are allotted 10 minutes late window, If you are unable to make your appointment in the first 10 minutes of your scheduled time you will be charged a $25 late fee. If you are unable to make it in the first 15 minutes of you are appointment you are charge a $35 late fee, and your appointment is automatically cancelled at that time.


We require a 24 hour notification of any appointment needing to be cancelled. Please not that we do not process refunds for any reason, so the deposit made for a service will automatically go to the next service. Deposits are valid for 90 days from the original appointment date before becoming invalid.


In the event that time gets away from you, and you accidently forget about your day of beauty. We will charge full price for the missed appointment, and require that the next appointment be paid in full prior to booking.

During your Appointment

Electronic Devices

 We ask all of our guest to silence all of their electronic devices when receiving a service to ensure a peaceful calming treatment. This includes cell phones, tablets, laptops, etc.

Additional Guest

Please arrive to your appointment without any additional guest. Although we love seeing all the beautiful faces in the world, due to limited space, we ask that you attend your appointment solo. 

After your Appointment


Post Care Instructions – We will give you any post care treatment information according to your service.

Photos – With your permission we will took photos of our work to show off your beautiful face to future and current clients.

Grace Period – All eyelash extension applications are granted a 3-day grace period for touch-ups, redo’ and weekly fills. After the 3-day grace period has expired clients are subject to regular weekly prices.

Rebooking- We strongly recommend pre-booking your next service before leaving our spa. We will require another deposit before the appointment can be confirmed.

Thank You – We just want to extend gratitude for all of you who help make Glammeupgirl what it is. We could do it without you.